Friday, March 7, 2014

SpotLight: Demain Bellumio - MusicGraph

I recently connected with Demian Bellumio COO of Senzari, a Miami/San Francisco based startup working on mining music data using graphs. One of their interesting projects is MusicGraph. MusicGraph is an ambitious project which collects all available information about music, including lyrics, signal processing information about the tracks, performers, social media metrics, broadcast radio plays, user playlists, etc.. The outcome is a huge graph (1B edges, 600M vertices, 7B different properties) and an open graph API people can use to traverse and query the graph.  Through the API developers can easily add musical graph search to their services, as well as generate personalized playlist recommendations and even also access a large number low level features and data, like acoustic/lyrical features and social stats on artists and songs. 

A related project is Wahwah Networks, a an embeddable web bar which lets websites offer personalized Internet radio to their audience for free, increasing their time on site and generating new ad revenue for the publishers. 

MusicGraph is using Titan as their graph database infrastructure. 

If you are interested in learning more about MusicGraph, you should attend their demo at our 3rd GraphLab conference

Further reading: a Gigaom blog post about MusicGraph

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