Monday, March 17, 2014

Pivotal backs up GraphLab as part of its HD offering

Fresh news just announced:

Pivotal HD 2.0 expands analytic use cases with integration and support of GraphLab, MADlib, and popular languages and formats such as R, Python, Java, and Parquet to create a powerful and easy to use analytical platform for data scientists and analysts in Hadoop.

Also new within Pivotal HD is the world's first enterprise integration of GraphLab, an advanced set of algorithms for graph analytics that enables data scientists and analysts to leverage popular algorithms for insight, i.e. page rank, collaborative filtering and computer vision.

Anyone who wants to learn more about Pivotal and GraphLab integration should attend our 3rd GraphLab conference where 
Milind Bhandarkar, Chief Scientist at Pivotal – will give a talk titled: "The Zoo Expands:  Labrador  Elephant thanks to Hamster"

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