Thursday, April 7, 2016

SalesForce Acquires MetaMind

Perhaps not surprisingly, the purchase streak continues: it was recently announced that SalesForce acquires MetaMind. I mentioned Richard Socher in my blog 3 years ago, and wrote about MetaMind in 2014. Maybe VCs should read my blog?

Anyway MetaMind joins others company recently sold to SalesForce like and Sense.

Friday, April 1, 2016

My PyData Amsterdam Talk

I never published any of my video talks in this blog before, however I was last month in PyData Amsterdam and had a great time. I was a talk which was well received - the audience laughed a lot so did I. Here is the video:

A much better talk from Rodrigo Agundez from Qualogy - a tutorial for face detection in python with Ipython notebook and opencv. Very recommended!


An interesting paper I got from my friend Asher Cohen: Mihalcea, Rada, and Paul Tarau. "TextRank: Bringing order into texts." Association for Computational Linguistics, 2004. pdf
A very simple construction to mine text entities into graph and then compute graph ranking on the resulted graph to find the most important keywords.

Interesting comparison of XGBoost and

I got this by my colleague Brian Kent.

Domino Data Labs compared XGboost boosted decision trees to implementation claiming significant performance gains (x10) for XGboost.

When I tried to access this blog post I find out the blog post was removed. But here is the chart that was appended to the blog post