Monday, March 31, 2014

Last day for enjoying early bird discount for our 3rd GraphLab Conference!

GraphLab Conference 2014
We have just started to organize our 3rd user conference on Monday July 21, 2014 at the Nikko Hotel, SF. This is a very preliminary notice to attract companies and universities who like to be involved. We are planning a mega event this year with around 800-900 data scientists attending, with the topic of graph analytics and large scale machine learning.
The conference is a non-profit event held by to promote applications of large scale graph analytics in industry. We invite talks from all major state-of-the-art systems for graph processing, graph databases and large scale data analytics and machine learning. We are looking for sponsors who would like to contribute to the event organization.
Preliminary talks:
Preliminary demos:
Dr. Ari Tuchman: Beyond Sentiment and Buzz: Extracting the Answers that Matter Though Predictive Correlations from Unstructured Chatter
Paul Hoffman: Large Scale Machine Learning on Sparse Graphs
Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO, Franz Inc. Drag and Drop Graph Query Generator
Dr. Zhisong FuMike Personick, and Bryan Thompson: Ultra fast graph mining on GPUs.
Tristan Zajonc and Anand PatilSense
Dr. David Talby: Beyond ML basics: Localized, evolving, hybrid & automated modeling at scale
Simon Chan: An Open Source Machine Learning Server for Developers
Adam Fuchs, CTO Sqrrl: How To Build Secure, Massively Scalable Graphs with Sqrrl
Dr. Steven Hillion, Alpine Data Labs:
Fast classification algorithms on Hadoop
Jacob Nelson: Grappa graph engine
Prof. Joshua Bloom, Machine-learning Driven Automated Insight Workflows
Dr. Matthias BroechelerTitan – Scalable Graph Computing in Real-time and Offline
Prof. Eric Xing: Petuum – a new distributed machine learning framework
Corey Lanum, General Manager of North America, Cambridge Intelligence: How to make useful interactive graph visualizations
Dr. Ira Cohen, HP Software: Scaling the data scientist
Brendan Madden, Tom Sawyer Software: TBA
Dr. Jason Riedy, Georgia Tech: STING: High-Performance Analysis for Streaming Graph Data
Dr. Hassan Chafi, Oracle: Graph Analytics Research at Oracle Labs
Dr. Achim Rettinger, EPPICS: Cross-lingual Cross-modal Analytics of Dynamic Graphs
Corinna Bahr, Agile Data Exploration & Visualization with Blaze and Bokeh
GraphistryLeo Meyerovich, Graphistry: Scaling Visualization with Design and GPUs
Domino Data LabsNick Elprin: Domino Data Labs
Dr. Fernando Perez, Berkeley: IPython: from interactive computing to computational narratives
Dr. Linas Baltrunas and Dr. Dionysos Logothetis:, Telefonica Tools for large scale ML and graph analysis
Ms. Raquel PauSparsity Technologies: Tweeticer, Social Network Analysis with graphs using Sparksee.
SriSatish Ambati, co-founder and CEO: TBA
Jonathan Dinu, CTO Zipfian Academy: TBA
Demian Bellumio, COO Senzari: MusicGraph
Sutanay Choudhury, Pacific Northwest National Lab: M&Ms4Graphs: Multi-scale, Multi-dimensional Graph Analytics Tools for Cyber-Security
Michael Zeller, CEO Zementis: Accelerate predictive analytics with massively parallel scoring
Sébastien Heymann CEO and Jean Villedieu Co-founder, Linkurious: How can graph visualization help understand graphs faster?
Richard Socher, Stanford: etcML project
MongoDB: TBA
Amit MoranCrosswise: TBA

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