Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New trends in sharing data science work

I got the following venturebeat article from my colleague Carlos Guestrin.

It seems there is an interesting trend of allowing data scientists to share their work: Imagine if a company’s three highly valued data scientists can happily work together without duplicating each other’s efforts and can easily call up the ingredients and results of each other’s previous work. 

That day has come. As the data scientist arms race continues, data scientists might want to join forces. Crazy idea, right? Two San Francisco startups — Domino Data Lab and Sense — have emerged recently with software to let data scientists collaborate on multiple projects. In a way, it’s like code storehouse GitHub for the data science world. A Montreal startup named has been talking about the same themes, but it brings a more social twist. Another startup, Mode Analytics, is building software for data analysts to ask questions of data without duplicating previous efforts. And at least one more mature software vendor, Alpine Data Labs, has been adding features to help many colleagues in a company apply algorithms to code on one central hub. 

If you are interested in learning about trends in sharing data science work you should attend our annual GraphLab conference - we have demos from Domino Data Labs, Sense, & Alpine Data Labs!

An update (April 17) - I have now connected Derek Steer, founder of Mode Analytics and they will also give a demo at our GraphLab event. 

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