Thursday, May 2, 2013

GraphLab Challenge @ SC13

Just learned from my boss Prof. Carlos Guestrin about student cluster competition which is part of SC13 conference. The interesting part is the GraphLab programming is one of the challenges:

•    GraphLab(rador)http://graphlab.orgThe GraphLab project started in 2009 to develop a new parallel computation abstraction tailored to machine learning. GraphLab scales to graphs with billions of vertices and edges easily, performing orders of magnitude faster than competing systems. GraphLab combines advances in machine learning algorithms, asynchronous distributed graph computation, prioritized scheduling, and graph placement with optimized low-level system design and efficient data-structures to achieve unmatched performance and scalability in challenging machine learning tasks.
The GraphLab project consists of a core C++ GraphLab API and a collection of high-performance machine learning and data mining toolkits built on top of the GraphLab API. The API is built on top of standard cluster and cloud technologies: interprocess communication is accomplished over TCP-IP and MPI is used to launch and manage GraphLab programs. Each GraphLab process is multithreaded to fully utilize the multicore resources available on modern cluster nodes. GraphLab supports reading and writing to both Posix and HDFS filesystems.
We will keep an eye to hear about the outcome of this contest...

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