Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Funding for the next generation of GraphLab

The GraphLab journey began with the desire:
  • to rethink the way we approach Machine Learning and Graph analytics,
  • to demonstrate that with the right abstractions and system design we can achieve unprecedented levels of performance, and
  • to build a community around large-scale graph computation.
We have been blown away by the excitement and growth of the GraphLab community and have been unable to keep up with the incredible interest from our amazing users.
Therefore, we are proud to announce GraphLab Inc, a company devoted to accelerating the development of the open-source GraphLab project.

Why a company?

Put simply, we need a full-time dedicated effort to take GraphLab from where it is today to where we would like to see it go in the future.  With a dedicated team, you will see exciting new features, more integration with Cloud infrastructure, easier installation and deployment, along with a revamped support effort, with additional commercial-grade options and tools.

What happens to the open-source project?

The open source project will remain the flagship technology where we push the limits of graph computation and develop new ideas.  With a dedicated team focused on the code, documentation, deployment process and most importantly support, you can expect a regular release schedule, faster turnaround on bug fixes and improvements, and a higher quality bar for the code going forward.  We will continue to rely on our community to push us to tackle bigger, harder problems, and to contribute back to the open-source effort.

Are you going to charge for GraphLab now?

We believe the only way the best ideas in machine learning are developed is with the help of a vibrant community (it takes a village). That is why GraphLab will remain an open-source project; now with a company behind it, we can double our efforts to keeping the project healthy.

What is the roadmap for the open-source project?

GraphLab 2.2 is just around the corner, see here for more details as to what is in it. Beyond that, we are exploring a new computation engine and further enhancements to the communication layer, as well as simpler integration with existing Cloud technologies, easier installation procedures, and an exciting new graph storage system.  And of course, we look forward to working with you to develop the roadmap and build the next generation of the GraphLab system.
The next 12 months will be an exciting time for us, and we hope that everyone will come along for the ride :-) .
Learn more at graphlab.com

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