Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GraphLab News!

There are a lot of exciting developments around GraphLab that I am glad to report here.
First of all, due to the tremendous support of Intel Labs, and especially Ted Willke, Intel is the platinum sponsor of our GraphLab workshop. We are going to have one of two lectures from Intel about the ongoing collaboration with us.

Additionally, with the great help of another Dr. Ted, this time Ted Dunning from MapR Technologies, MapR is going to be a gold sponsor of our workshop. Ted will also give a lecture at our workshop. Ted is also known for initiating the Mahout Apache project.

Amazon has extended our EC2 computing grant for additional 6 months. Thanks to Carly Buwalda and James Hamilton.

And now to some more workshop news: Alex Smola from Yahoo Research! will give a talk about his large scale machine learning work. Joe Hellerstein from Berkeley will describe his bloom work. Tao Ye and Eric Bieschke from Pandora Internet Radio will give a talk about music rating at Pandora. Xavier Amatriain from Netflix will describe machine learning activity in Netflix. Pankaj Gupta from Twitter will talk about Cassovary - their new graph processing system. Amol Gothing from IBM Watson will describe his large scale ML work. Mohit Signh, one of our earliest adopters will talk about Graphlab deployment at One Kings Lane.

We are also expecting some cool demos. Sungpack Hong from Oracle Labs will give a demo of Green Marl their Graph processing system. Alex Gray from Georgia Tech will also give a demo.

Email me for a discount registration code! And don't forget to mention you are reading my blog!

As registration is piling up, we got people from the following companies: One Kings Lane, Discovix, Cambridge Semantics, Williams-Sonoma, Toyota ITC, Eigendog, Yahoo! Labs, The Filter Inc, Madvertise mobile advertising, BigDataR Linux, American Express, ZVOOQ, Twitter, Ismion, Appdynamics, Kabam, Sift Science, Hautelook, Mailvest, Intuit, Admobius, Blackbox, Joyent, Pandora Internet Radio, DiegoBasch, SAP Labs, NetApps, Intel Labs, C3, Technicolor Labs, Bigdatalytix Blackcloud BSG, Shofify, Reltio, Toyota Technical Institute Chicago.

We also have academic presence from the following universities: Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford, UC Berkely, UC Santa Cruz, Georgia Tech, UPENN, Polytechnic NY, Johns Hopkins.

Thanks to Shon Burton from GeekSessions who is responsible of organizing the workshop.

We got an interesting email from Abhinav Visnsu, a senior researcher at the Pacific Northwest National Lab:
I am a research scientist at PNNL, and working on scalable execution modes, programming models and communication subsystems for some of the largest supercomputers today (InfiniBand, Cray’s, Blue Gene’s). Recently, we have started a project on large scale data analytics where we are looking at different algorithms for clustering, classification and ARM. I have been following GraphLab’s work and I think that there is a lot of synergy here. 
We are now looking to find some ways to collaborate with PNNL for extending GraphLab applicability for supercomputers.

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