Thursday, May 3, 2012

BigDataR Linux distro

I got this note from Nick Kolegraff:

I am working on a Linux Distro (BigDataR) with a focus around machine learning and have included Graphlab!I am working on building some compelling examples around Graphlab for the Graphlab workshop
I've also started a project that surrounds BigDataR with some compelling examples, The idea here is to provide stable consistent examples (or at least that is the thought)
If anyone is interested in building some compelling Graphlab examples against BigDataR feel free to reach out, would love to chat.
PS: this is very much in gamma/dev at the moment and have a lot of work to do so be gentle :-)

Nick has an awesome idea of having a single Linux distribution with all the machine learning frameworks configured to run. That way anyone can compare different platforms on the same data to find out the best platform for his needs. Furthermore, it will significantly help new commers to learn how to run and operate different machine learning platforms.

Since we highly support this effort, we invited Nick to give a demo in our upcoming workshop.

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