Monday, April 16, 2012

Expert Opportunity?

I am getting so many weird inquires from head hunters, recruiters and other consultants that I started getting suspicious about it. My theory is that most of those emails are completely junk and chain emails sent to a zillion people without any human being to back them up.

Yesterday I got am email with this novel title:  "Expert Opportunity" from someone in a company that hires consultants for legal IP stuff (I will not mention the name of the company for obvious reasons). What was nice about it, is the job description:
Candidates need to have experience with the Hadoop file system, ideally the Apache and MapReduce implementations. Candidates need to understand the hardware components of distributed file systems such as Hadoop along with the underlying software.

The following questions arise to my mind:
1) Is map reduce an implementation of hadoop???
2) Is Hadoop a hardware for file system???
3) Can software be underlying to hardware???

I took the effort and emailed this guy saying something is wrong with his job description. A couple of days passed and I got no reply... I will keep you posted.

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