Monday, April 30, 2012

Ensemble methods - a notable book by Elder and Seni

A couple of days ago a stumbled upon predictive analytics world website. It is an organization of professional conferences for Fortune 500 type companies that use predictive analytics.

One of the interesting researchers presenting regularly at predictive analytics is John Elder from Elder Research. I contacted John to invite him to participate in our GraphLab workshop. John was very nice to promptly respond and following my query he introduced me to Giovanni Seni. The pleasant surprise was to find our that John and Giovanni are the co-authors of the book:   Ensemble Methods in Data Mining: Improving Accuracy Through Combining Predictions. This got me quite excited, since last year in the ACM KDD CUP 2011 we use an ensemble method to combine several predictions together for getting a higher accuracy solution. We used very simple form of linear regression. It seems that the ensemble methods book contains much fancier methods that allow a better quality prediction. I am looking forward to reading this book very soon.

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