Monday, March 12, 2012

Principal components wanted

Here is quite a funny joke. A startup company called principal components wanted
links to my blog. Now what is funny about it? The title.. It says: today's tools are just too complicated and painful to be used by non experts. And then they link to my explanations on how to debug hadoop (using the painful keyword).. :-) My first reaction is that they are completely right:
1) I am an expert
2) Hadoop is too complicated..
If those tools where too simple to use no one would have read my blog. The second funny thing, is that if they would have linked to any of my GraphLab instructions, I would have been more upset.. But I algo agree that GraphLab is still too complicated and advanced relative to the way we want it to be. Anyway I wish those guy a lot of luck, with the explosion of ML related startups it is not going to be an easy breakthrough.

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