Sunday, January 1, 2012

GraphLab project end of year summary - statistics for 2011

Since we released our open source a year ago, the end of 2011 is a nice opportunity to summarize GraphLab's project progress so far.
  • In 2011, GraphLab was downloaded 2425 times (using both source downloads and mercurial checkouts). 
  • GraphLab users mailing list has 74 members and 840 posts, and growing!
  • He is an image depicting all the universities  that are currently using GraphLab (we are aware of). If you are using it and you did not find your university logo in the list, let me know!

  • Some companies who are using GraphLab can be found in our partners page. Naturally, we are aware of many more companies who are using GraphLab but at this point we are not able to share this information. We can only say that most of the top technological companies are using Graphlab or trying it out.
  • Up to date, 27 algorithms are implemented on top of GraphLab in 4 application libraries: linear solvers, matrix factorization methods (collaborative filtering library), clustering library and inference library.
Our main asset, which is the base of our success, is our users! Thanks for everyone for helping support open source community and the GraphLab project.

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