Monday, September 4, 2017

Deepgram - Audio Search with Deep Learning

A very interesting podcast by Sam Charrington who is interviewing Scott Stephenson from DeepGram. DeepGram is using deep learning activations for creating indexes that allows to search text in voice recordings.

DeepGram have released Kur which is a high level abstraction of deep learning framework to allow quickly defining network layouts. But still, writing the target persona is researchers with deep learning knowledge.

A related Israeli startup is AudioBurst.  They claim to use AI for indexing but it is not clear what they actually do. Another Israeli startup is Verbit. They seem to transcribe audio with humans going over the preliminary result.

In addition, my friend Yishay Carmiel is working on importing parts of Kaldi to TensorFLow. A recent Google developer blog post describes this effort. Yishay is leading a spinoff of Spoken called IntelligentWire who is also searching audio files using deep learning.

Overall it seems that search in audio files using deep learning is getting hotter!

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