Friday, June 3, 2016

MMDS 2016 is coming up

My friend Michael Mahoney is setting up again MMDS (Workshop on Algorithms of Massive DataSets). Only 9 days left for registration:

MMDS 2016.
Workshops on Algorithms for Modern Massive Data Sets 

Register for MMDS:
Confirmed speakers List:
UC Berkeley, CA

Tuesday, June 21 through Friday, June 24


MMDS Registration Deadline - ONLY 9-DAYS LEFT!

This is a quick reminder that MMDS 2016 Registration is available until June 12th, 2016. Please don't forget to register early to secure your spot!  

MMDS 2016 includes four-day series of academic workshops address algorithmic and statistical challenges in modern large-scale data analysis. The goals of this series of workshops are to explore novel techniques for modeling and analyzing massive, high-dimensional, and non-linearly structured scientific and internet data sets; and to bring together computer scientists, statisticians, mathematicians, and data analysis practitioners to promote the cross-fertilization of ideas.
MMDS Organizers: Michael Mahoney (Chair), Alex Shkolnik, and Petros Drineas

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