Monday, December 16, 2013

Data Science Salaries

I got the following email from one of my readers, Frank Lo:

Danny - I really like your blog. I'm a data scientist myself and work within machine learning frameworks every day; I'm always perusing to see what others in the space have to say.

I wanted to share a link and see if you had any interest in mentioning it in a blog post:

Data Science Salary Research

I bet your readers are curious trying to figure out ML/data analysis more clearly as a profession, which is why I wanted to mention it to you. What should people with ML/data science skills expect for salaries when they apply their expertise in industry?

Of course I know the topic is a little different from your regular postings, but I thought it's still very relevant to your base of readers.

It seems the above blog post is conservative by applying a huge range of salaries. I suggest to ignore the lower range and focus on the higher range, especially in the bay area.

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