Sunday, October 20, 2013

LSRS 2013 - A great success!

I just heard from LSRS 2013 co-organizers Tao Ye (Pandora) and Quan Yuan (Taobao) that LSRS (large scale recommender systems) workshop we organized as part of RecSys 2013 was a great success. More than 130 researchers attended - it was the workshop with the highest attendance.
Below are some images, with credit to Tao Ye:

There where two notable keynotes. The first from Justin Basilico from netflix. The second from Aapo Kyrola from UW about collaborative filtering with GraphChi. The full papers, along with other interesting talks are found here.

Thanks to Pandora for hosting the happy hour just after the workshop:

Stay tuned for next year's workshop - this time in SF!

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