Saturday, July 6, 2013

GraphLab Workshop Reflection

A nice Gigaom article.

I got from my collaborator Chris DuBois, the following blog post about the GraphLab workshop, written by OpenDNS security research.

Here are some highlights:
A few hundred researchers from academia and industry gathered on Monday, July 1 for the 2nd annual Graphlab Workshop at the Nikko hotel in downtown San Francisco. The event was a great success in acting as a venue to discuss challenges and opportunities the emerging large scale graph analytics community currently faces.
The first talk was about a product we have been excited about for quite some time called GraphLab.

Umbrella Security Labs tried GraphLab 2 a couple months ago on our research 10-node cluster, and were impressed by the results. Algorithms running at high speed allowed us to quickly build new models and check their output on a complete data set.
Furthermore, a solid set of algorithms have already been implemented on top of this incredibly fast engine. They address a wide range of problems, from the domains of graph mining, to machine learning and linear algebra. 


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