Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Notable book: Crossing the Chasm

I got from Joey Gonzalenz a warm recommendation about the book: Crossing the Chasm by Joeffrey A Moore. It is a book about how to market technology, considered like the bible by many. I started reading it and it seems to be a great book.

Especially I liked the following description of Innovators, technology enthusiasts (the marking in bold is mine)

They are the ones who first appreciate the architecture of your product and why it therefore has a competitive advantage over the current crop of products established in the marketplace. They are the ones who will spend hours trying to get products to work that, in all conscience, never should have been shipped in the first place. They will forgive ghastly documentation, horrendously slow performance, ludicrous omissions in functionality, and bizarrely obtuse methods of invoking some needed function—all in the name of mov- ing technology forward. They make great critics because they truly care.

It definitely reminds me some of the struggle of our GraphLab users to utilize our code.. ;-)
Luckily our code is FAST so we do not suffer from horrendously slow performance...

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