Friday, June 8, 2012

YarcData - new graph analytics contest

I just heard from Andy Krasnow - the ultimate head hunter about this contest. Here is some interesting information from their press release (text marked in bold by me)

YarcData Inc., a Cray company (Nasdaq: CRAY), today announced the planned launch of a "Big Data" contest featuring $100,000 in prizes. The YarcData Graph Analytics Challenge will recognize the best submissions for solutions of un-partitionable, Big Data graph problems.

YarcData is holding the contest to showcase the increasing applicability and adoption of graph analytics in solving Big Data problems. The contest is also intended to promote the use and development of RDF and SPARQL (both standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium) as the industry standard for graph analytics.


YarcData's uRiKA system is a Big Data appliance for graph analytics. uRiKA helps enterprises reveal unknown, unexpected or hidden relationships in Big Data by creating a highly-scalable, real-time graph analytics warehouse that supports ad hoc queries, pattern-based searches, inferencing and deduction. The uRiKA system is a purpose-built appliance for graph analytics featuring graph-optimized hardware that provides up to 512 terabytes of global shared memory, massively-multithreaded graph processors supporting 128 threads/processor, and highly scalable I/O with data ingest rates of up to 350 terabytes per hour - and an RDF/SPARQL database optimized for the underlying hardware enabling applications to interact with the appliance using industry standard interfaces. uRiKA complements an existing data warehouse or Hadoop cluster by offloading graph workloads and interoperating within the existing analytics workflow.

Well what is the best software for doing graph analytics?? :-)

An update- I have contacted YarcData, and they will be presenting a poster about their contest in our upcoming GraphLab workshop. Thanks to Venkat Krishnamurthy for setting up the connection.

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