Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big learning NIPS workshop

My friends Joey Gonzalez and Yucheng Low, are among the organizers of this year
NIPS workshop on big learning. Mark down your calendars for December 16-17 in Sierra Nevada, Spain.

Some of the interesting topics of this workshop:
Hardware Accelerated Learning: Practicality and performance of specialized high-performance hardware (e.g. GPUs, FPGAs, ASIC) for machine learning applications.

Applications of Big Learning: Practical application case studies; insights on end-users, typical data workflow patterns, common data characteristics (stream or batch); trade-offs between labeling strategies (e.g., curated or crowd-sourced); challenges of real-world system building.

Tools, Software, & Systems: Languages and libraries for large-scale parallel or distributed learning. Preference will be given to approaches and systems that leverage cloud computing (e.g. Hadoop, DryadLINQ, EC2, Azure), scalable storage (e.g. RDBMs, NoSQL, graph databases), and/or specialized hardware (e.g. GPU, Multicore, FPGA, ASIC).

Hopefully, if I manage to scrap enough travel money, I may even attend!

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