Thursday, February 24, 2011

The GraphLab large scale machine learning framework - part 1 - installation on Amazon EC2

GraphLab is an open source large scale parallel machine learning framework.

This post explains how to install GraphLab on Amazon EC2 and how to load GraphLab from a preinstalled EC2 image.

Loading Graphlab from one of our publicly available images:
1) Follow the directions on to check out the latest available AMI. Launch the selected image using Amazon AWS Console.

NOTE: Images are available in US-EAST region.
TIP: Don't forget to allow SSH (Tcp port 22) in the default security group,
( In the AWS console go to EC2 -> Network Security -> Security Groups and verify that in the default security group (or the security group you where using)).

2) After launching the AMI instance, it is always desirable to get the latest
GraphLab using the commands:
cd graphlabapi
hg pull
hg update
cd release
make -j4

3) It is also useful to run unit testing to verify the update went fine:
cd tests/

GraphLab installation instructions

NOTE: The below instruction should be used by advanced users, in case you did not find the required AMI in our public AMI images.

Installations instructions where moved to the download page.
Select the matching icon for your operating systems for detailed instructions.


  1. Thanks for Wangshu Pang a CMU CS master student on Very Large Information Systems (VLIS) who helped improve this posting.

  2. Did not work for me, I took ubuntu ami-f2fa009b on m2.4xlarge, "./configure" ended with "-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!". Which image would you recommend that works out of box, so that I don't have to reinstall boost, eigen etc...?

    1. HI Sasha! Don't worry - we are here for support. Can you please email our user mailing list with the exact error you are getting? And the exact commands you used.