Monday, November 4, 2013

The 3rd GraphLab Conference is coming!

We have just started to organize our 3rd user conference on Monday July 21 in SF. This is a very preliminary notice to attract companies and universities who like to be involved. We are planning a mega event this year with around 800-900 data scientists attending, with the topic of graph analytics and large scale machine learning.

The conference is a non-profit event held by to promote applications of large scale graph analytics in industry. We invite talks from all major state-of-the-art solutions for graph processing, graph databases and large scale data analytics and machine learning. We are looking for sponsors who would like to contribute to the event organization.

Preliminary talks:

  • Reynold Xin, co-Founder of Databricks will present Spark
  • Wes McKinney, Founder & CEO of DataPad - TBA
  • Prof. Carlos Guestrin, Founder & CEO of GraphLab will present GraphLab
  • Prof. Vahab Mirrokni from Google's Pregel team - TBA
  • Prof. Joe Hellerstein, Founder & CEO of Trifacta - TBA
  • Tao Ye, Senior Scientist, Pandora Internet Radio - TBA
  • Josh Wills, Director of Data Science at Cloudera - TBA
  • We hope to get a talk from Dr. Avery Ching from Facebook about Giraph.
Preliminary program committee:

  • Prof. Joe Hellerstein, Founder & CEO Trifacta & Berkeley
  • Prof. Carlos Guestrin, CEO GraphLab & UW
  • Mr. Michael Draugelis, Chief Data Scientist, Lockheed Martin
  • Mr. Eric Bieschke, Chief Scientist & VP Playlist, Pandora Internet Radio
  • Mr. Abhijit Bose, VP Data Science, American Express
  • Mr. Richard Mallah, Director of Unstructured and Big Data Analytics, Cambridge Semantics
  • Mr. Steven Hillion, VP Product, Alpine Data Labs
  • Dr. Jim Kim, VP Product, Skytree
  • Prof. Josep LluĂ­s Larriba Pey, Universidad Polytecnica Di Catalunia
The second GRADES workshop, to be held on June 22, 2014 at the premier database systems conference ACM SIGMOD/PODS in Snowbird (Utah), attracts database systems architects, graph data management researchers and practitioners to describe and discuss scenarios, experiences and system internals encountered in managing and analyzing large quantities of graph-shaped data. The GRADES workshop is co-sponsoring the third GraphLab Conference.

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