Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Notable presentation: Datapad @ Strata NY+ PyData

Another interesting presentation I got from my collaborator Chris DuBois. 
If you don't know Wes Mckinney, Python Pandas creator and the author of the great book "Python for Data Analysis", you must do yourself a favor and buy this book. It is #1 useful tool for any task involving data analytics.

Anyway, not long ago Wes have founded a company called Datapad who is doing something secretive regarding data analytics. Wes gave an interesting Strata talk, where he did not reveal anything about Datapad, but gave a good overview of companies in the data analytics preparation domain.

In PyData NY, a more detailed talk about the shortcomings of Pandas.

And guess what? Wes just agreed to give a Datapad talk at our 3rd GraphLab conference!! I can't wait to learn more about Datapad.

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