Sunday, June 23, 2013

GraphLab Image Processing Toolkit - Image Stitching (CloudCV)

We got some exciting news from Dhruv Batra from Virginia Tech:

Dear Graphlab team,

As most of you know, I was working on the Graphlab computer vision toolbox last summer. The motivation behind it was to provide distributed implementations of computer vision algorithms as a service. 

In that spirit, I am happy to announce that that my students and I have a produced a first version of CloudCV

-- In the first version, the only implemented algorithm is image stitching
-- The front-end allows you to upload a collection of images, which will be stitched to create a panorama. 
-- The back-end is a server in my lab running our local repository of graphlab
-- We are currently running stitching in shared-memory parallel mode with ncpus = 3. 
-- The 'terminal' in the webpage will show you familiar looking messages from graphlab. 

And here are some images you can use if you want to try the image stitching software:

Are you interested in learning more about CloudCV? Join our July 1st SF workshop, where Harsh Agrawal from Virginia Tech will present a demo of CloudCV.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi David,
      Can you be slightly less cryptic and send us a full error report of what is the error you are facing so we could look at it?


  2. Hi Danny,

    for me CloudCV is trying to resolve and the connection is interrupted.

    What I see in Chrome is connection interrupted with

    Hope this helps

    1. Just got a note from Harsh Agrawal from Virginia Tech that the problem is now fixed. Can you please try again?