Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Google is pumping tensorflow

Some misc news regarding deep learning. Got them from my colleagues Guy Rapoport Charlie Maalouf.

1) Google released an interesting new course about TensorFlow. I viewed the first lecture, looks like a lot of effort is invested. Interestingly, you need to install sklearn for performing the first exercise, which actually means that TensorFlow does not solve everything as some people think.

2) DataBricks claims to support TensorFlow: although when reading the content it is not clear where Spark is used. Seems likes an opportunity to hop on something cool. It seems they propose to run many different experiments in parallel (what we call embarrassingly parallel) but for that you can write a bash script so not clear why Spark is needed or required here.

3) Microsoft woke up and released their own deep learning toolkit. Not clear what is new there (in terms of functionality). But they claim much superior performance to TensorFlow:

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