Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A new graph partitioning algorithm at CIKM

We got the following email from Fabio, a gradient student at Rome University:

I'm Fabio Petroni, a Ph.D. student in Engineering in Computer Science at Sapienza University of Rome.

Together with other researcher, we recently developed HDRF, a novel stream-based graph partitioning algorithm that provides important performance improvements with respect to all existing solutions (we are aware about) in partitioning quality.
In particular, HDRF provides the smallest average replication factor with close to optimal load balance. These two characteristics put together allow HDRF to significantly reduce the time needed to perform computation on graphs and makes it the best choice for partitioning graph data.

A paper describing the HDRF algorithm will be presented in the next CIKM conference ( and is available at the following address (this is the final submitted version):

We will work with Fabio for including a version of his algorithm for our latest code base GraphLab Create. 

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