Tuesday, April 15, 2014

GraphChi-DB - new experimental graph database released!

I got the following from my collaborator Aapo Kyrola:

I have just released the source code of GraphChi-DB to GitHub!

The repository is here:

GraphChi-DB is a research project that enhances GraphChi with database functionality:
- Fast queries
- Data columns for edges and vertices
- Fast insertions of new edges and vertices.

Compared to existing single-computer graph databases, it scales to much bigger graphs and - unlike other graph databases -provides the familiar GraphChi programming model (it also provides a rudimentary edge-centric programming model more similar to GraphLab). You can read the publication (below) for a performance evaluation.

It is written in Scala (with some Java). Scala is great language for a database because it has an interactive console (REPL), so you can query and interact with the database directly. GraphChi-DB does not support any query language, but instead it is accessed via the Scala API.

Note: the code is experimental, probably very buggy and has an awful API. Do not use it for anything important! Do not run your Bitcoin exchange with it!
GraphChi-Db also requires some expertise in Scala to be really usable. I would recommend it only to researchers and students at this point. For commercial level graph databases, look for Neo4j or Titan. To get started, look at the example applications (explained in the readme of the project).

The design and evalution of GraphChi-DB can be found from preprint:

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