Saturday, August 24, 2013

Amazon's CTO writes about GraphLab in his blog

I got the following from a former colleage of mine: Barak Merimovich from Gigaspaces. It seems that Amazon's CTO, Werner Vogel have written recently about GraphLab in his blog:

"I want to kick off the fall readings not with an historical paper but with two that detail GraphLab, an excellent framework for high performance machine learning that originally has been built by the Carlos Guestrin. GraphLab has been used to build several different data mining and graph processing toolkits and applications. The research in the papers has been performed on Amazon EC2. Instructions for running your own GraphLab Cluster on EC2 can be found here ..."

Additionally, I learned today from our man in O'Reilly Media, Ben Lorica, that has mentioned GraphLab in his blog post.

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