Monday, November 26, 2012

Misc updates

I got this from my collaborator Joey Gonzalez. Slides from Facebook about their database system.
This is the ultimate resource for anyone writing grant proposals on big data. For example, did you know that Facebook users send 6 billion messages per day?

Additional Facebook talk, this time related to recommendations was given by Ralf Herbrich in the machine learning summer school: Video part one. Part two. Previously working on the MatchBox project in Microsoft utilizing Bayesian message passing on factor graphs for computing recommendations. Now it seems Ralf is promoting similar techniques in Facebook.

My colleague Josh Patterson from Cloudera, sent me a link to his project called Knitting Boar - SGD implementation on top of Hadoop and Yarn. (Why boar?)

Now to some theory. I got this from Martin Takac:
I would like to share with you our new paper. We extended your Shotgun paper for wider class of functions and also showed that slight modification of step-size can guarantee convergence for any number of updates.

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