Friday, October 19, 2012


Yesterday I stumbled upon this company:
Like it is a company initiated by a few physicists who like to analyze data and to find some structure in the data. When looking at their website I found this interesting talk: "Sean Gourley on the mathematics of war" from TED: At first it looked like a very exciting intuition. But in a second thought the power low structure is not that surprising. For example, recall all the times you ate in a restaurant in the last 5 years. Typically, you eat in a small group, maybe yourself or with your wife. Occasionally you take out a few friends. Quite rarely you go out with 15 people out for dinner, maybe for your grandfather birthday or something. So it is quite clear that most times you go in small groups and a few times in a large group. With this intuition will you be able to get funding from the pentagon? Probably not..


  1. That Quid interface looks a lot like Open Source Network Analysis and Visualization tool Gephi

    1. Hi Denis!
      Nice catch! I talked to them today. Indeed their original UI is based on Gephi.