Sunday, July 15, 2012

Large Scale Machine Learning and Other Animals

This week we are celebrating 100,000 page views!
Thanks to YOU - my amazing collection of readers!
Next (ambitious) milestone: is 1,000,000 page views.. :-)

Some more good news to report: we won the 3rd place in ACM KDD CUP track 2 - 2012 (out of 192 groups). We had a great team for the chinese academy of science:

Xingxing Wang
Shijie Lin
Dongying Kong
Liheng Xu
Qiang Yan
Siwei Lai
Liang Wu
Guibo Zhu
Heng Gao
Yang Wu
Danny Bickson
Yuanfeng Du
Neng Gong
Chengchun Shu
Shuang Wang
Fei Tan
Jun Zhao
Yuanchun Zhou
Kang Liu

I had a VERY minor part at the team success. Most of the credits are for the great chinese guys.
We are now submitting a paper called: "Click-Through Prediction for Sponsored Search
Advertising with Hybrid Models". As soon it is ready I will post it here.

You may recall that this is the 2nd year we get to a high place in this competition.

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