Friday, June 29, 2012

Alpine Data Labs

A couple of days ago I had an interesting introductory talk with Steven Hillion, VP Product in Alpine Data Labs. Alpine Data Labs is a Greenplum spin-off, based on some cool data analytics research initiated by my postdoc advisor Joe Hellerstein from Berkeley. You can learn some more about this research here.

So what is interesting about Alpine? This is one of the only companies I am aware that worries about the feature engineering BEFORE the data is actually fed into the analytics engine. They have a product which is called data miner which allows faster mining of the relevant data from the database. Here is a video with a demo:
Second, the MadLIB idea is to run the analytics on the actual database where the data is stored for faster processing. My guess this is useful for the rather simple algorithms.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Alpine and its products is welcome to attend our first GraphLab workshop.

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