Friday, April 8, 2011

GraphLab on BlackLight!!

I am super excited to report that GraphLab is up and running on BlackLight, the largest
shared memory computer in the world! With 32TB shared memory and 4,096 cores.

A tutorial for BlackLight is found here

I will soon post some performance results for matrix factorization algorithms, as we make more progress in testing.

Below you can find some instructions on how to install Graphlab on BlackLight, to those of you who are lucky enough to get an account.. :-)

GraphLab Installation

1) Login using ssh into

2) Follow the instructions on to obtain
GraphLab code/

module load cmake boost kyotocabinet IT++
cd graphlabapi
./configure --bootstrap --itpp_include_dir=${ITPP_INC} --itpp_static_link_dir=${ITPP_LIB} -D MKL_PATH=${MKL_PATH}
cd release
make -j 8

Note: Thanks to Joel Welling from Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, who significantly helped simplifying installation as well as improving performance.

Example GraphLab PMF job
Create a file named kddcup.job with the following content:
#PBS -l ncpus=16
#ncpus must be a multiple of 16
#PBS -l walltime=4:00:00                  
#PBS -j oe
#PBS -q batch
#PBS -m bea
set echo


#move to my $SCRATCH directory

#copy executable to $SCRATCH
cp $HOME/graphlabapi/release/demoapps/pmf/pmf .

#run my executable
omplace -nt $PBS_NCPUS ./pmf kddcup 0 --scheduler="round_robin(max_iterations=20)" --float=true --zero=true --lambda=1 --D=150 --ncpus=$PBS_NCPUS --aggregatevalidation=true
cp $SCRATCH/kddcupt.kdd.out $HOME/$PBS_JOBID.kdd.out

ja -chlst

Submit this job using the command
qsub kddcup.job

Check the status of the job using the command

Check remaining qouta:
bickson@tg-login1:~> xbanner

PSC Grantnumber: DMS110004P Teragrid Grantnumber: DMS110015
P.I. Name: Carlos Guestrin
 Resource        = BLACKLIGHT
 Charge ID       = ms3bdkp
 Start Date      = 02/10/2011
 Expiration Date = 02/10/2012
 Allocation      = 50000.00
 Remaining       = 48541.23
 Last Job        = 06/16/2011

Last Accounting Update: 06/16/2011

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