Thursday, March 31, 2011

GraphLab on BlackLight?

I am very excited to report a recent meeting of Graphlab team with Joel Welling from Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. We are in the process of porting GraphLab to BlackLight platform, a 4,096 cores supercomputer with 32TB of shared memory.

Currently, a preliminary mullticore version of GraphLab was ported to BlackLight by Joel Welling, for using the CoEM NLP algorithm. I applied for an account, and I can't wait to be approved and play with GraphLab on this machine. Not everyone gets an opportunity to run on a 2.8M$ machine..

The GraphLab team is planning to participate in PSC Data Analytics Symposium April 14,15 Pittsburgh. Anyone who is planning to be there and interested about GraphLab is welcome to meet us.

I plan to experiment with PMF matrix factorization algorithm and report the results here.

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